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The committee welcomes proposals for presentations and poster sessions on all topics related to educating teachers.

Conference Theme: Navigating Teacher Preparation Together

Submission Deadline: Submit proposals by July 15, 2022 @ 8:00 a.m. (Eastern)

Preference will be given to proposals that highlight:

  • Education for Healthy Lives and Communities: This strand will focus on the mental health, trauma, and stress both in-service and pre-service teachers experience. The strand will also explore the lasting effects the pandemic will have on educators.

  • Preparing and Supporting Pre-Service Teachers: This strand is open for teacher education programs to provide research, strategies, activities, and diverse teaching strategies to guide pre-service teachers in becoming effective teachers in the Pre-K-12 classroom.

  • Questions facing education today: Submissions in this strand should propose a compelling question facing teacher educators today. For example, how can educator preparation programs grow clinical fellows programs? How can teacher educators impact education-focused legislation?

  • Collaboration: This strand is open to proposals that bring colleagues from multiple disciplines together to explore the challenges, successes, and potentials of professional collaboration.

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